For many, Micro Machines World Series was a bit of a let-down. But that doesn’t mean Codemasters aren’t going to deliver any DLC for the game and today a Legendary Skin Pack has arrived. It’s cheap too!

Available right now for Micro Machines World Series on Xbox One is the Legendary Skin Pack 1. Priced at just £1.99 this pack lets you race and battle in style. It does that by bringing four new skins to the table – the monster truck El Diablo, the Slipstream 2050 GT-1 sports car, Softscoop the snowtracker and the hotrod, Falcone.

If you wish to see these vehicles added to your Micro Machines World Series garage, then you should be heading towards the Xbox Games Store, splashing the low price and enjoying what they bring.

If you haven’t yet played Micro Machines World Series and wish to know what all the fuss was about – the negative fuss mostly – then you could do worse than hit up our review. It’s well worth a read.

DLC Description:

Race and Battle in style with these 4 Legendary vehicle skins. The devilish new monster truck El Diablo. The super, sleeker future sports car Slipstream 2050 GT-I. The sweet but devastating snowtracker Softscoop and the ‘takes no messing’ hotrod Falcone.

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