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Puzzlers come in many forms, but every now and then one arrives that is instantly intriguing. Molecats is one such game, and the team at Vidroid are pushing their ideas out to Xbox One owners right now. The question is… can you get your head around the indirect control system and quirky world of the Molecats?

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Molecats does away with the usual direct character control schemes that we have fast become accustomed to, instead delivering a puzzling world in which we have to manipulate level tiles to help a group of Molecats run, walk, or stop in their tracks.

The Molecats themselves are cat-mole hybrids who just love to travel through caves to retrieve delicious ‘shrooms and shiny relics. It’s your job to help them, keeping each of them on the safest, most direct path to goodies within. As you would expect, traps and monsters consistently get in the way of the Molecats, and whilst there is no killing, and levels can’t ever be ‘failed’, the deeper you go, and the more complex things get, your mind will fast become a scrambled mess.

Throw in many secondary goals with mysterious unlocks, special relic collections to gather, hidden locations to explore and secret levels with unique game mechanics being uncovered and it’s quick to see why the Molecats are such an intriguing bunch. If you think you have what it takes to head into this charming underground world and are ready to solve tunnel-twisting puzzles, all whilst guiding the adorable and gawky Molecats to their treasures, then you should be found heading to the Xbox Store and setting off a download.

A £10.74 price tag will ensure that this is one funny little puzzling adventure that you won’t want to miss.

Game Description:

Аn indirect-control tile-twisting puzzled adventure …with traps! Molecats is a challenging indirect-control puzzle game that takes place in the quirky and beautiful world of… Molecats! Molecats are sort of cat-mole hybrids. They are a bunch of gawky fellows who like mushrooms, marching and adventures of all kind! Molecats spend their time digging into nearby caves and gathering delicious ‘shrooms and shiny relics, occasionally getting lost in the process. Your goal is to guide Molecats through the underground by taking control of the environment and changing the path they follow. On their way, Molecats will face lots of dangerous traps, spooky monsters and tricky challenges and meet a whole bunch of strange but interesting characters.

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