We previously told you that Monopoly will soon be with us in console form, well, that time has come….as has the official launch trailer.

As of November 26th, Monopoly Plus, My Monopoly and Monopoly Deal will be available via the Hasbro Games Channel on Xbox One and PS4 and then from December 10th for Xbox 360 and PS3. The Monopoly Family Fun Pack will be available from retailers from Nov 28th.

Monopoly Plus will bring the classic board game into your living room with a colourful 3D animated board, that you’ll be able to fully interact with. My Monopoly will then come as a DLC pack, pushing the customisation options even further.

Monopoly Deal is a new take on the fast trading action of Monopoly.


  1. If it’s not as fun as monopoly party, no thank u :). Nice updates but not as fun as everyone going at once. That was a great idea!! Bring it back and sales will rise!!


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