the callisto protocol outer way skin pack

It may not have quite delivered the scares that we wanted, and the newly rebooted Dead Space may still be the king of terror, but if you’re at one with what The Callisto Protocol is able to provide then you may well be up for grabbing some new DLC. 

The Callisto Protocol released back in December 2022, building the hype as it promised to send players into dead space, well ahead of the proper Dead Space popping up. It did okay too, with our full review of The Callisto Protocol on Xbox Series X|S bigging up the location detail and the attempts to bring some fresh ideas to the genre. Ultimately, it was a lack of any real scare and lack of variety in the enemy designs which brought it down a peg or two. 

Should you have a copy of The Callisto Protocol to hand though, then the latest DLC for the game may well appeal. It’s this which comes about via the Outer Way Skin Pack, a £4.19 offering that adds in new player and weapon skins to the game. These are seemingly perfect for those who want to traverse the campaign in style, showing off their new threads to others via the integrated Photo Mode. 

The Outer Way Skin Pack is pretty cheap, but it’s also included in the Season Pass, so if you have a copy of the game which includes that, you should be ready to go. If not, and if you’re tempted, head to the Xbox Store and get it added to your game. 

Be reminded, you’ll need The Callisto Protocol in your digital library in order to use the Outer Way Skin Pack. 

The Callisto Protocol is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

DLC Description:

Get the Outer Way Skin Collection and survive The Callisto Protocol’s terrifying campaign in style or show off your player and weapon skins in Photo Mode. This collection includes Outer Way themed player and weapons skins for all your gear.

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