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Just a couple of weeks ago, we got a closer look at Nexomon: Extinction’s features, including the art of catching Nexomon. But that’s nothing compared to the massive reveal by PQube and VEWO Interactive of almost every Nexomon you can find in the game. There’s a load of them to collect!

With the release of Nexomon: Extinction just around the corner, almost every one of the 381 Nexomon have been unveiled. We say almost because some of the mysterious Tyrant Nexomon did manage to keep their identity hidden, for now. It even shows the potential evolution for each Nexomon, which is pretty cool. A few of our favourites are the ghostly Skerdi, the bizarre Bushnome, the adorable Porklet, and the vampire-esque Dracly. Check out the full list in the official Nexopedia and start planning which you’d like to catch the most.

Nexomon: Extinction is definitely trying to capture the charm of the genre’s roots and will release with a whole load of content for a game that boasts about 20 hours of playtime. As seen above, the map is gorgeous and is set to be an open world – apart from some unlockable, high-level areas of course. There are lots of animated scenes featured too, as well as back sprites for all of the Nexomon during battles.

Nexomon: Extinction will launch on 28th August for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It’s shaping up to be an enticing competitor in a field dominated by a massive franchise. While you wait, have a look at the Nexopedia and share your favourites with us by leaving a comment below or reaching out on social media.

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