numskull xmas sweaters

Christmas is coming and that means the season of Christmas sweaters will be here before you know it. And that’s where Numskull Designs come into play with their new range of official Christmas sweaters for 2019, covering a range of games, TV shows, films and more! Oh, and it just so happens that the Xbox one is utterly gorgeous.

Halloween may be the next big event in the calendar but over at Numskull Designs they are interested in just one thing, Christmas, and today it is they who have unveiled their next range of Christmas sweaters which have been based on everyone’s favourite video games, TV shows, films, and comic books.

Numskull’s official Xmas sweaters come in a variety of sizes, running from 2XS all the way up to 4XL (UK), with them featuring a variety of new designs that have been based on Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Batman, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Xbox, Spyro the Dragon, Marvel, and more

Available worldwide right now, Numskull are found to be applying their magic touch when it comes to pop culture to the Xmas sweater with new designs that compliment the current range of hugely popular, high-quality knitted official sweaters, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, PlayStation, Street Fighter, PAC-MAN, and many more.

xbox xmas sweater

The new range consists of the following, and whilst we have eyes on that glorious Xbox Achievement sweater, the likes of Gremlins, Ghostbusters, Batman, Spyro and Fallout are all nicely covered…

  • Official ‘Gremlins’ Xmas Sweater
  • Official ‘Ghostbusters’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Spyro the Dragon’ Fairisle Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Fallout’ Vault Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Spider-Man’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Iron Man’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Deadpool’ Unicorn Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Rocky’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Star Wars’ I Am Your Father Christmas Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Wolverine’ Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Xbox’ Achievement Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Harry Potter’ House Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Batman’ vs. Joker Xmas sweater
  • Official ‘Harry Potter’ Great Hall Xmas sweater (kids’ sizes)
  • Official ‘DC’ Robin & Riddler Xmas sweater (kids’ sizes)
  • Official ‘The Beatles’ Xmas Sweater (exclusive to
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With Numskull Designs dealing with some of the best merchandise we’ve had chance to get hands on with over recent months, you can be sure that these Xmas sweaters will be of the very highest quality. Let us know in the comments which of the designs you’re interested in.


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