There is nothing better than powering up and hitting a home run in Super Mega Baseball 2 – but if you want to take your game to the next level, then you’ll need to get yourself involved with a number of new content packs.

Available from today for Super Mega Baseball 2 players to enjoy are three separate content additions that will help you move up into the realms of the very biggest baseball hitters, with a new ballpark playing host to your matches, and a variety of customisation opportunities allowing for a deeper bond between you and your team.

The Red Rock Park comes in with a £3.19 price tag and this brand new ballpark sees you take to the field whilst surrounded by cacti, sandstone peaks, and an endless blistering desert. That may not seem to be the ideal surroundings for prime baseball gameplay, but with Super Mega Baseball 2, anything goes!

The same can be said for the other two customisation packs as well. The Fierce Team Customisation Pack costs £2.79, but includes no less than 18 new Team Designs, a massive 30 Shape Logo Components and 18 Mascot Logos. That by itself will no doubt appeal to many but throw in the Boss Customisation Pack too (£3.59) and you’ll be finding yourself with the chance to deck out your players with new gear too. This brings new hairstyles, helmets, gloves, tattoos, cleats and more to the table.

Whilst we’re struggling to see the real draw for anyone beyond the most hardcore Super Mega Baseball 2 players from having too much interest in a few cosmetic items, the opportunity to play ball in a new stadium is certainly one to consider.

Whatever you decide to do, the Xbox Store will allow full access. Make sure you check out our review of Super Mega Baseball 2 on Xbox One too.


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