Team17 and Radiation Blue have a brand new E3 trailer to show us for their upcoming sci-fi game Genesis Alpha One. Are you ready to become Captain of the Genesis starship and ensure humanity doesn’t face extinction?

Genesis Alpha One is a unique mix of first person shooter, roguelike, base building and survival elements, where you journey into uncharted space in order to find new homes for the DNA of humanity to thrive. In this vast, randomly generated universe, you’ll discover new planets, encountering asteroid fields and rogue commanders as you venture across the galaxy. Meanwhile, the Earth will continue to change throughout the mission, with the events unfolding from a distance.

As far as the newest trailer is concerned, it introduces us to the artificial intelligence – IDA – which will guide players through the monumental mission onboard the USS Genesis. The Genesis Programme was created by Earth’s major corporations in a last bid to save the war-torn, polluted and corrupted planet. It’s well worth a watch for a glimpse of the variety and depth that Genesis Alpha One is set to offer. There’s no release date announced as of yet, but it will be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.


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