ONRUSH has had a bit of a rocky start to life. Providing speed, fun and over the top arcade racing, all the ingredients are there for this flair-filled speed merchant to shine. But for whatever reason, the masses have failed to really show it the love it deserves. Perhaps the addition of some super cheap DLC bits will help swing the game in the favour of Codies?

Available right now for Xbox One ONRUSH players to enjoy are a couple of small downloadable content bits – namely two Tombstones.

Anyone who has played ONRUSH will know that it is these which provide the key to your team’s success, because every time you drop one on your death, they’ll begin to litter the play field for your teammates to utilise and boost through. In fact, the Tombstones could well be the difference between winning or losing those tightly fought contests.

Priced up at just £0.79 each, comes the Panther and Tiger Tombstones for ONRUSH. These do pretty much as you would expect, allowing you to leave an exclusive Tiger or Panther designed stone behind when your luck runs out.

With the base game providing a whole ton of fun – seriously, if you don’t believe me, check out our full review – ONRUSH is a game that need a little bit of love thrown its way. Should you already be a player, then get over to the Xbox Store and nab these stupidly cheap add-ons immediately. If you haven’t yet dropped into the wonderful racing world it brings, then a purchase of the full game really should be something to consider.

DLC Description:

An exclusive Tiger or Panther tombstone design you drop in game whenever you wreck that your team can blast through them for more boost

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