thehunter Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge

Being completely honest, we didn’t expect much from theHunter: Call of the Wild when it first launched back in 2017. But from launch day right up the present time, it’s provided a stellar experience, one which ensures that it is the most in-depth, most immersive, hunting experience in the gaming world. Today though we see theHunter expand once more, with the introduction of the Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge DLC.

Available to add into your game right now, the Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge DLC moves away from the previous content packs that have hit theHunter: Call of the Wild over the months, instead delivering a place for your trophies and weapons.

Showing off your most hard earnt prizes is all part of theHunter experience and the Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge certainly lets you do that, providing access to a sleek safari lodge that ensures you have a clean canvas that is perfect for hype-building.

With a specific Trophy Lodge added in as part of the whole experience, and then further Trophy Mounts letting you set up the most perfect of opportunities, those wishing to take time away from the hunt in order to show off their work, can now do so in style. But it’s not just about the trophies and in similar fashion you’ll also find a selection of Gun Racks available for use too.

Full details of all the options provided in the Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge DLC for theHunter: Call of the Wild as follows…

  • Saseka Safari: This modern yet down-to-earth safari lodge encompasses beauty through simplicity. Utilizing natural light to the fullest, Saseka Safari’s mix of wooden and thatched interior makes it the perfect canvas for trophies. The homely furniture and clean open spaces allow you to shape the room, putting your prized animals and weapons center stage at all times.
  • Trophy Lodge: With your very own Trophy Lodge, you will be able to decorate the walls and rooms with your prized harvests, showcasing your victories and best hunting moments. Present your individual trophies using plaques, platforms, or create a scene with several using the multi trophy mounts. Choosing between different poses, you can create the perfect arrangement in each room, whether by highlighting a single animal or by creating a dramatic scene with several. Invite your friends over to share your evolving collection and create multiple lodges for all your decorating needs.
  • Matmat’s Multi Trophy Mounts: Set up the perfect hunting moment using Matmat’s World Class Taxidermy multi trophy mounts. Placed on any platform or plaque, you will be able to position multiple animals in several realistic poses, visualizing a climactic moment involving your favourite trophies. Recreate incredible moments from the wild or tell an unseen story as you create the ultimate centerpiece for any room in Saseka Safari. This style of mounts will be made available in all trophy lodges.
  • Gun Racks: A hunter’s weapons are just as valuable as the trophies they collect, which is why they deserve to be showcased in the best possible light. In Saseka Safari, you will be able to place your favourite guns on designer stands, and once they are displayed you can view the stats for each.

If you have the base game of theHunter: Call of the Wild in place – and let’s be honest, it’s so good, you just have to have it in your digital library either in original form or via the 2019 Edition – then grabbing the cheap and cheerful Saseka Safari Trophy Lodge DLC is a no-brainer. It’ll set you back just £2.79 from the Xbox Store.

Game Description:

It’s time to present your prize trophies in the fashion they deserve. The luxurious and exotic design of the Saseka Safari is perfect to show off your single and multi trophy mounts, or to showcase your favourite weapons on gun racks.

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