Genesis: Alpha One promises to bring a roguelike first person shooting, base building survival experience to Xbox One, PS4 and PC later this year. But did you know that it will also give you the opportunity to travel across various planets as you mine resources and explore for artefacts? You did now!

The latest trailer for Genesis: Alpha One sees us doing just that as Radiation Blue and Team17 reveal all the details.

The latest trailer reveals the ability to land upon a wide variety of different planets within the galaxy, as you get busy mining for resources and exploring the lands for new artefacts, new weapons, new blueprints and new transmissions. How do you do this? Well, you drop your genesis starship off and head out on a whole new adventure in your trusty harvester.

Setting foot on the dusty surface of a new unexplored planet won’t be an easy ride though and as your crew of clones begins to mine the planet for vital resources such as iron, iridium, aluminium and more, it’ll be up to you to keep a watchful eye for any hostile alien lifeforms that inhabit the planet. Defeating any threats will not only keep your crew safe but also enable you to collect biomass which will enable you to create new kinds of clones for your mission.

Make sure you check out the trailer below and then prepare yourself for Genesis: Alpha One’s launch later in 2018.


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