Two Point Campus Wizardry Xbox

It should come as no surprise that the courses on offer at Two Point Campus are a bit, eccentric, to say the least. So far, we have had Gastronomy, Robotics and Archaeology courses. But today’s latest course reveal is the wackiest yet.

That’s right, it is time to channel your inner Harry Potter as Wizardry class is in session. Spiffinmoore University will play host to all the spellcasting you will ever need. Dust off your robe, straighten your pointy hat and get ready, Wizardry 101 is about to begin.

During your Wizardry course, students will be able to pull various items out of a hat, gaze into crystal balls or even get a pumpkin for a head. Let’s just hope that doesn’t land them in Two Point Hospital for some treatment though.

As well as this your students will be taught how to brew potions, join the local magical battle club, and wear the latest in wizardry fashion. Potion making can be quite literally a heavy course as students struggle to carry their big cauldrons around with them. Best hope there is a levitation spell to learn too.

All this learning comes in handy though; rumour has it these halls are filled with ancient curses and spooky enemies. Get preparing those spells in preparation for the real thing. Check out the trailer below for an insight into the Wizardry course:

Two Point Campus is still on track for release on 9th August for Xbox, PlayStation, PC, Nintendo Switch and as part of Xbox Game Pass. From the makers of Two Point Hospital, this new management sim allows players to create the university of their dreams. And with some of the courses already shown off, who wouldn’t want to join this unusual campus? Going from designing robots one moment, to producing the biggest cake imaginable the next. Or from digging up bones to then using said bones in your latest potion concoction, there is already something for everyone.

And we suspect there will be more course reveals between now and then as Two Point Campus ramps up for release. We will bring them all to you as they are announced. For now though, let us know in the comments below which wacky course you want to see revealed next.

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