We knew it was in the pipeline, but the exact time of arrival for the upcoming State of Mind was up in the air. Daedalic Entertainment have set the date now though and it’s coming on 15th August!

State of Mind is a tale of transhumanism, throwing you into a futuristic version of Berlin in 2048 and placing you in the shoes of Richard Nolan. Richard is a journalist whose wife and child have disappeared, and his memories are gradually slipping away – on the whole, his life is falling apart.

The world is on the brink too. There’s a lack of resources, the air is polluted and the water contaminated. On top of this, crime is on the rise and raging wars have left populations disillusioned with and detached from reality. Drones and humanoid robots have replaced humans in the public sector; everything is interconnected, and someone’s always watching, keeping everyone in check. A unique low-poly visual style is used in order to represent the fragmented nature of the world Richard is surrounded by.

Richard needs to find out what’s going on, both in his own life and in the world around him. It’s an investigation that sees him move closer to the new and supposedly perfect virtual world of “City 5” that more and more depressed people are turning to. What happens when he discovers that his life in the real world is somehow linked to that of a complete stranger living out their days in this new virtual one?

“State of Mind is a game about transhumanism and its all-in bet on the future,” explains the game’s author, Martin Ganteföhr. “It is, however, not a game about the technology of tomorrow, but about tomorrow’s people. In the center of this narrative is the motif of separation and reunion. What happens, if the future creates fractures between body and mind? Between reality and constructs? Between biological and virtual ego?”

Ganteföhr continues: “State of Mind picks up the idea to make something whole from fragments. Richard, our protagonist, has to rearrange and sort out his life. He has to endure disruptions of social, technological and very personal nature. The motif of fragments, clearly visible in the key visuals and style, transcends the whole game: it is embedded in the narrative structure, the visuals, the main characters’ core concepts and even in the mechanics of ‘Reconstruction’.”

Key features:

  • An unsettling vision of the near future players can throw themselves into
  • Dive into a multi-layered Sci-Fi thriller, where dystopian reality and digital utopia are intertwined
  • Unravel a global conspiracy in a society of ubiquitous digitalism, surveillance and transhumanism
  • Explore a world with a rich and unique visual style, combining realistic environments with low-poly characters
  • Take on the role of journalist Richard Nolan, as well as five additional playable characters
  • Use dexterity, deductional skill and research to reconstruct Richard‘s past

State of Mind will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam for both PC and Mac on 15th August, 2018. The price tag is expected to be £34.99 for consoles, with a lower cost of £25.99 on Steam and GOG.

Will you be venturing into this dystopian future when it eventually releases? Let us know via all of the usual means!

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