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Ogre: Console Edition blasts on to Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

ogre console edition

Whether you stumbled upon Ogre way back in the 1970s when it arrived in board game form via Steve Jackson, or in more recent times as it burst onto the Steam scene, there’s a fair old chance that you would have enjoyed what was provided. Now though it’s time for console folk to get in on the action, as Ogre: Console Edition drops onto Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. 

Available right this minute on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5, with a Nintendo Switch drop happening on May 25th, Ogre: Console Edition comes about via the Auroch Digital team, as the turn-based strategy affair hits a new range of player. 

It’s priced at £18.74 from the Xbox Store (expect roughly that elsewhere) and will ensure that console players get working their minds, cleverly playing with intense tactical decisions and strategic calls as they look to engage in full-on futuristic warfare. 

Refreshing the old classic, Ogre: Console Edition arrives with two different factions for you to take charge of – the North American Combine and the Paneuropean Federation. Each comes with a range of units – tanks, hovercraft, infantry and huge cybernetic war machines – the Ogres. 

From there you’ll get to take to the battlefields of the future, working your way through the endless ware ahead. And nicely, this console edition of Ogre includes the expanded G.E.V. rules should you wish to have them. 

Stay tuned for a review of Ogre: Console Edition on Xbox as we get to grips with the forty-odd year old classic. We’ll let you know how that plays on Xbox Series X|S soon. 

To get involved for yourself, just head to the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, or, from May 25th, the Nintendo eShop. You’ll find Ogre on Steam too. 

Game Description:

Ogre is a turn-based strategy game of mechanised warfare, requiring tactical decision-making and strategic thinking. It’s the official video game adaptation of the legendary tabletop wargame from Steve Jackson Games, developed by the award-winning Auroch Digital. In the warfare of the near future, one type of unit inspires such fear that even allies keep a safe distance: the Ogre. These AI-powered tanks are so powerful they’re the equivalent of a battalion of tanks and infantry. Hovercraft, tanks, marines, infantry, and the monstrous Ogres all take part in an endless world war. As a player, you take command and vie for supremacy on the irradiated battlefields of the future.

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back in the 1970s

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