If you’re nominated for Best Indie Game at the Canadian Game Awards, then you’ve got to have something about you. The latest puzzle/platformer to hit both Xbox One and PS4, Planet of the Eyes, has indeed been bestowed of that honour. And now you can find out what all the fuss is about!

Available right now on Xbox One and PS4, Planet of the Eyes comes with delightfully handcrafted 2D side scrolling environments, tons of physics-based puzzles, a mysterious story to explore and robot deaths galore. Seriously, is there anything it doesn’t have!?

Priced at £7.99, with a current discount seeing the launch price come down to £6.39, Planet of the Eyes promises to take you on the most atmospheric of adventures as you attempt to help a lone robot explore a strange mysterious planet. With audio logs to find, puzzles to overcome and an immersive musical score pushing things along, it all looks rather delightful.

Should you agree, then you’ll want to be making your way over to the Xbox Games Store right now. Failing that, then we guess you should really be have a read of our full review

Game Description:

A finalist for “Best Indie Game” at the Canadian Videogame Awards, Planet of the Eyes tells the tale of a service robot stranded on a mysterious planet. A stunning visual mix of puzzle and platforming challenges, an original musical score and fully voiced audio logs will sweep you away on the immersive journey of a lone robot in an unknown world.


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