What if I told you there’s a new twitchy platformer in town and the main character is, essentially, a gross piece of slime? Well, that’s the case in Slime-san and now it’s arrived in its grandest form, the Superslime Edition!

Slime-san follows a slime of the same name as he aims escape the perils of his everyday life across three campaigns, seeing incidents occur such as being eaten by a giant worm and a Kraken. You’ll need to help Slime-san jump, slime and slide his way out of trouble through well over 100 levels filled with hazards. They aren’t the only tricks up his sleeve though, with the added ability of slowing or speeding up time and squeezing through tiny spaces where necessary. Best of all, the Superslime Edition contains an extra 10 exclusive levels using Grandpa-san as a playable character and a new feature that alters the colour palette to a unique one for each world!

Should you possess the reflexes to handle the fast paced nature of Slime-san Superslime Edition, simply head on over to the Microsoft Store, where it’s usually priced at £11.99 – currently discounted down to £9.59 – to buy for Xbox One. Our review of the game went live yesterday, so be sure to have a read of it in the meantime to help make up your mind about a purchase.

Will you be sliding about in Slime-san Superslime Edition, or are these speedy platformers just too much for your reflexes to handle? Tell us by leaving a comment below or hitting us up on social media.

Game Description:

Slime-san: Superslime Edition includes all three major campaigns as well as some brand new, exclusive levels and features! Mama’s Madness: You’ve been swallowed by a giant worm! Your goal is to platform yourself through its intestines back out its mouth before you get digested! Blackbird’s Kraken: You were about to take a vacation with your family and got eaten whole by a giant Kraken?! Once more you’ll need to jump, slime & slide your way out! Sheeple’s Sequel: Sheeple believes he’s an NPC in a video game and decides to recode himself as the villain! Can you beat his mind-bending levels? Superslime Edition packs an extra 10 exclusive levels where you can play as Grandpa-san himself! It also includes a “Dynamic Colors” feature that alters the game’s color palette to a unique one for each world. Slime-san’s more colorful than ever! All Features: – Dynamic, fast paced platforming with unique dash, morphing and time mechanics! – 3 campaigns spread across 150 normal and New Game+ levels introducing new hazards at each corner! – 4 gigantic hubs to explore with a plethora of interesting characters to talk to. – 4 types of collectables unlocking play styles, clothing items, shaders, mini-games and more! – Extra modes like speedrunning mode, boss rush mode, target mode, rhythm mode and more! – Different play styles that utterly change up how your character controls! – Competitive local multiplayer mini-games that recall titles of the past! – Unlock-able furniture for a fully customizable house at an island resort! – An art gallery full of level design and concept sketches to peruse in! – Extensive settings to customize gameplay, audio & art extensively! – A bombastic soundtrack featuring Adhesive Wombat, Meganeko, Kubbi, Inverse Phase, Tiasu and more! – Accessibility options such as button mapping, color blind toggles & eye strain modes. – And lots more!

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