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Pot some balls with the Pool Nation Snooker Bundle on Xbox One


Fancy yourself as the next Earl Strickland or Efren Reyes? Want to pot balls like Rocket Ronnie or Boring Steve? The Pool Nation Snooker Bundle brings together both worlds of ball potting goodness in one mash up.

First released on Xbox One a couple of years ago, both Pool Nation and Snooker Nation have pretty much kept away from the limelight, doing their own thing in the background, and allowing fans of pool and snooker the chance to show their skills to the underground audience. Now though it’s time for the bright lights to shine and the Pool Nation Snooker Bundle attempts to give the platform for both games to do that.

Available for £8.39, the Pool Nation Snooker Bundle represents decent value for money when compared to purchasing both Pool Nation FX and Snooker Nation Championship Game Preview individually. Yes, you may well have been able to pick up the pool variant for free a few years ago thanks to the Xbox Games With Gold scheme, and yes Snooker Nation really is still sitting in Game Preview form (why? who knows!), but if you are new to the Xbox scene, or have just discovered a skill for potting balls, then the bundle is your best bet yet.

With leagues to compete in, the online world to embrace and pixel perfect physics promised for the most elaborate trickshots, Pool Nation FX and Snooker Nation Championship should be appeal to fans of the sports.

If that is you and you don’t yet have these games in your library, then the Xbox Store will sort you out with a purchase of this latest bundle. Personally we think that the Pure Pool/Snooker combination is the way to go, but if you are looking for something a bit different, then this should suffice.

Bundle Description:

Pool Nation Snooker Bundle is the ultimate Pool and Snooker Simulator package for Xbox One®. Prepare yourself for pixel perfect physics and photo-realistic graphics. Practice, spectate and play live matches seamlessly online, compete in Leagues, create epic trickshots, and explore our unique rule set customisation tool. Pool Nation flawlessly blends reality with the impossible resulting in the finest example of digital pool ever palyed.

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