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Fancy a little treat? How does a free copy of Powerstar Golf on Xbox One sound?

Good eh?

It seems that Powerstar Golf is now free to download on Xbox One. Fire up your console, navigate your way to the Store tab and grab the game right now. We reviewed it back in the day and it’s a solid golf game that is let down only by it’s lack of a proper multiplayer mode. Don’t let that put you off though!

Additionally, the extra DLC of Coyote Canyon is should also soon be available so you should find plenty to keep busy with.

There are also some new cheevos available for those who have already been playing the game.

Update: It seems four new DLC packs have appeared on the Xbox One Games Store. Emperor’s Garden, Burning Sands, Rocky Ridge and City Park game packs are all available for £4.79. Each brings a new course, new golfer, new caddie, 12 new career events and a load of custom gear.

Looks like you may need to buy at least one course to play in Open Play or local multiplayer modes, upload any data for challenges, share caddies OR unlock cheevos!

Has Powerstar Golf suddenly gone free-to-play but heavily influenced by in-game purchases?

Could well be.

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Chuck Green
Chuck Green
8 years ago

I tried it but not something I would pay for. As well I won’t be buying any dlc. Maybe games with gold will unlock the full game the future.

Neil Watton
Reply to  Chuck Green
8 years ago

I’m not sure I’m overly comfortable with the whole pay-to-play thing. I bought the game when it first came out and liked it, but almost a fiver just for one course is a bit OTT.

Would have preferred to see it stay as a normal downloadable title.