zombie army 4 crossbow pistol dlc

With Zombie Army 4: Dead War precision is key. After-all, you can’t nail a proper headshot and nor pull off one of those gory X-ray kills without it. And that is where the latest DLC pack comes in; a pack that brings new weaponry, Charms and Skins all based around the Crossbow Pistol.

Available to purchase and add into your Zombie Army 4: Dead War experience right now is the Crossbow Pistol Bundle. A price of just £3.29 will see you able to add this into your base game – an utterly brilliant base game no less – in order to help you battle against the undead hordes in a whole new way. 

The Crossbow Pistol Bundle is precise, powerful and utterly deadly, with the included Crossbow Pistol itself giving you the opportunity to now not just slowly dismember your foes, but to pin them to the wall thereafter. 

Throw in a couple of rather tasty little Charms – that of the Crossbow Bolt and Ornate Egg), and two totally Bespoke Weapon Skins that allow you to run the Carved or Ornate routes, and fans of the game won’t want to miss the opportunities provided here. 

With the base game of Zombie Army 4: Dead War in hand, just head to your favoured digital store (the Xbox Store is here) and grab the DLC this minute. With Rebellion having recently confirmed that Zombie Army 4 will continue to expand with Season 2 and 3 chock-full of new content, there’s absolutely no reason to not consider it. Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts.

DLC Description:

Sometimes, all you need is something precise and powerful! The Crossbow Pistol is tiny, deadly and fires bolts so fast your enemies won’t even have time to react. For those moments where you want to smash off an enemy’s limbs, and pin them to walls!

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