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For many there’s only one taxi game worth playing – the super iconic, absolutely nuts, extremely fun Crazy Taxi. But whilst that’s getting on in years, room is made for other options to take centre stage and that is where the teams at Lion Castle and GS2 Games are hoping Taxi Chaos will make waves.

Coming to Xbox One (and playable on Xbox Series X|S), PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2021, in Taxi Chaos, seatbelts will be highly encouraged as you go about wreaking mayhem and creating chaos in the mean streets. Due to drop on February 23rd 2021, Taxi Chaos should well provide a fresh and modern take on the classic taxi game experiences, letting drivers earn big fares by successfully picking up and dropping off customers at the destination of their choice.

Nothing different there then, and so if you’re looking to rush around town to pick up the craziest of customers and deliver them on time as fast as you can, Taxi Chaos should well be considered.

With a wide range of unlockable rides in place, each with its own different attributes, you’ll be able to power through midtown in the strong muscle car, race through the West Side Highway in the superfast exotic supercar and drift around Wall Street in the Japanese tuner. And further to that, as you make progress a host of additional vehicles will become available.

It wouldn’t be a Crazy Taxi wannabe without the chance to explore a colourful and vast city, and Taxi Chaos has you sorted there. Expect to travel through many New York-inspired locations, discover shortcuts, drift through corners, take impossible jumps, and aggressively bash your way through traffic, all while getting paid to do it. Thankfully passengers won’t mind if you trade paint with other cars either, no matter whether that passenger is a hipster, plumber, rock star, and even an alien from another planet.

Promised in both digital and physical editions, Taxi Mayhem is coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and Nintendo Switch come February 23rd 2021. We’ll be sure to remind you as the chaos begins to unfold.

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