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The ninth season has absolutely flown by and now Krafton Inc have launched PUBG Season 10 on Xbox, PlayStation and Google Stadia. Survivors can look forward to delving into the densest Battleground so far, Haven, as well as progressing through a new Survivor Pass and contending with an AI enemy faction.

Arriving today on the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and Stadia, PUBG Season 10 brings in a Season exclusive map called Haven. An industrial island in the rust belt of America, Haven is a rather condensed 1×1 map, catering for up to 32 players in Duos or 1-Man Duos. Due to the inclusion of an emergency parachute, you could strategically leap off the high buildings of Haven to deploy a parachute and glide your way to freedom. The map is only sticking around for the duration of Season 10, so don’t miss out on that. 

As well as taking on each other in the battle for a famed ‘chicken dinner’, there’s an AI enemy faction working against you. This faction, Pillar, is heavily armed and aren’t overly pleased about you being on their turf. You’ll have to avoid the Pillar Scout Helicopter, because those unlucky enough to be caught by its spotlight will soon meet the dreaded Pillar Tactical Truck as it closes in and attempts to quickly eliminate its target using bullets and fire. That’s not all though, with well-armoured Pillar Guards and Commanders guarding caches bearing powerful gear.

And finally, the new Survivor Pass: Breakthrough has all the finest gear you need to take on the mean streets of Haven. It features a whole host of cool new looks based on lore characters as well as the new enemy faction, ensuring you’ll have plenty of great rewards to unlock as you fight your way through all 100 levels of the pass. 

Just drop in on PUBG today in order to experience the verticality and fresh combat possibilities brought about by Season 10!

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