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We’ve known for a while that Psyonix were getting ready to go all free-to-play-y with their smash hit Rocket League – and now we know exactly when that will be. Oh, and there are a couple of rather important little updates due to hit home real soon too. 

So come September 23rd 2020 Rocket League will be entirely free-to-play with it also making its debut in the Epic Games Store on that same day for good measure. 

That will mean that current players – ie, those who have previously paid cold hard cash for the game – will be delivered some Legacy items to make up for the move. Those items will arrive on the 16th September as the first of two updates goes live, preparing the world for the change. 

Alongside that will come cross-platform progression linking, letting you add your gaming platforms to your Epic Games Account, whilst the ‘Support-A-Creator’ program will also arrive. Just for good measure, that same update will push out a variety of quality of life changes and additions. 

That is the first of two updates planned though, with the second due to arrive on the F2P crossover day. You see, as Rocket League makes that move and attempts to find a place in the F2P scene – a place we’re pretty certain it’ll nail – a brand new season of Rocket Pass will arrive (Season 1, strangely), there will be updates made to both the Tournaments and Challenges systems, and two new item packs will roll  out. 

These packs will come in the form of the Endo Starter Pack (Endo, Gaiden Wheels (Grey), Neo-Thermal Boost, Friction Trail, and 500 Credits) and the Jager Pack (Jäger 619 (Titanium White), Apparatus Wheels (Titanium White), Toon Goal Explosion (Titanium White), and 1000 Credits).  And then finally an all new in-game event – Llama-Rama – will kick off shortly after that September 23rd launch. Keep an eye out for more info covering that in the days ahead. 

Whether you are a current Rocket League player or one who is looking to join the madness as the game goes free-to-play matters little, Rocket League is here to stay and with its move into the F2P scene we can only see Psyonix’s critically acclaimed hybrid of arcade style soccer and vehicular mayhem hitting all new heights. 

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!

Edit: Now that Rocket League is F2P, those two new DLC packs have arrived. The Jager Pack costs £16.74 whilst the Endo Pack will set you back an easy £4.19.

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1 year ago

So ironic posting this on an Xbox website. It will be the ONLY platform you still need to PAY a subscription to play this free to play game online with.