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Love a good old 16-bit adventure? Primal Light looks to shine bright on your Xbox or via your Nintendo Switch. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, Primal Light is the creation of the two-person development team at Fat Gem, picked up by No Gravity Games to launch to the world. 

It’s a 2D action platformer in which you play as Krog; a weird blue creature who has a fetching line in fashion, kitting themselves out in a red loincloth and very little else. It’ll be up to you in Primal Light to take charge of Krog and help navigate them through a series of levels and stages, taking in the glorious 16-bit art style as you explore the world around you. 

Nooks, crannies and full labyrinths make up this bizarre world, one that is opened up as you pull switches and levers, hoping for the best. Avoiding traps and the occasion monster should also be at the fore of your mind, hacking and slashing your way to victory. 

You’re doing this because your village has been burnt to the ground, leaving you in a cold world that is full of danger. It’s up to you to head out, collect twelve of the most legendary artifacts and hope that the power found within is enough to undo the tragic events that have gone on, reversing things to save your people and restore your previous way of life. 

See, you are Krog, and nothing in this land can stop you from seeing out your goal. Except maybe the big bosses that await. They might stop you. 

In all, the key features of Primal Light, as it releases on Xbox and Switch, include:

  • Explore a bizarre and evocative world filled with ladders, levers, traps, and monsters, arranged linearly across 10 levels.
  • Face 10 challenging bosses in arcade-style combat reminiscent of the 16-bit era.
  • Master new acrobatic abilities as you progress, allowing you to overcome obstacles and enemies.
  • Dive into challenging side paths to uncover hidden collectibles, unlocking upgrades and passive abilities.
  • Experience stunning pixel art and a majestic soundtrack.

Hopes are high for how Primal Light plays out and we’ll be sure to cover things in a review soon. For now, the Xbox Store will sort you out with an Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S download, whilst you’ll also find the game on Nintendo Switch, via the eShop. Expect to pay around £11.99. Primal Light has been on PC through Steam for a little while already.

Game Description:

Experience the bizarre and unwelcoming primal world that Krog calls home. In his blue skin travel through beautiful 16-bit pixel art environments, avoid death from animate (monsters) and inanimate (traps, pitfalls) threats alike, and slay gargantuan, grotesque bosses. Collect charms that help you in battle and unlock new, exciting abilities. Let the soundtrack hypnotize you and guide your way to victory! Your village has met a tragic end. A horrible phantom burned it to the ground and left you alone in the cold, unforgiving world filled with danger. But you must not rest nor wallow in self-pity. It is up to you to collect 12 legendary artifacts and, with their power, undo the tragedy, save your people and get your old life back. You. Are. Krog.

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