As gamers we are spoilt for choice. There are a huge number of simulators out there, letting us do everything from fighting fires, flying planes and micromanaging the smallest details. But now there is another simulated option available to us – that of the pro fisherman.

Pro Fishing Simulator isn’t the first fishing title to arrive on Xbox One, with Fishing Sim World, Dovetail Games Euro Fishing, Rapala Fishing: Pro Series and even the backwards compatible SEGA Bass Fishing allowing us to prove our worth against the mightiest of fish. If we’re honest, it is the former of these games – Fishing Sim World – which proves to be the greatest affair, allowing us to kick back and relax next to some of the most beautiful lakes in the world. The question is, can Pro Fishing Simulator push for its crown?

Well, that is something we are yet to establish, but with a £34.99 price tag in place for this Limited Edition, chances are high. For that money we get access to a game that is selling itself on the back of being an ‘authentic sport fishing simulation’, something which will appeal to both the newbies to the fishing world and those veteran anglers who know the difference between each and every lure, rod and casting technique.

With 9 different fishing areas available, a number of fishing techniques to take in and master, and no less than 79 types of fish to be caught, Pro Fishing Simulator may well be worth a shot.

What’s more, get in now – well, before the 13th December 2018 – and you’ll have access to the Predator Pack for free, delivering 2 more legend rods, a couple of new reels and 3 of the very best lures.

Weekly and seasonal challenges await your time in the land of Pro Fishing Simulator on Xbox One and so if you like a challenge, it may well be worth a shot. If you agree, the Xbox Store will provide you with all the fishing goodness that you need with the Limited Edition of Pro Fishing Simulator.

Game Description:

Purchase Pro Fishing Simulator before December 13th and get the Predator Pack for free: 2 KastKing Royale Legend rods, 2 KastKing reels and 3 Strike King lures. No predator will resist you! Pro Fishing Simulator is an authentic sport fishing simulation for both beginners and avid anglers. Freely explore the most beautiful fishing spots in the world and reel in the best catches by combining technique and the best official equipment. – Travel across 9 fishing areas based on real places around the world – from Corsica to the Black Forest and Colorado. – Master 6 fishing techniques with different gameplay: fly-fishing, lure fishing, boat fishing… – Catch 79 types of fish with realistic behaviour. – Hundreds of pieces of equipment, from official brands, to win and combine: Vision, JMC, KastKing, 13 Fishing, Lew’s, Strike King, etc. – Tutorials adapted to all levels, a fish wiki to learn more about each type of fish and over 100 challenges to tackle. – Weekly and seasonal challenges with worldwide rankings.

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