Tired of driving cars, flying planes and steering boats through Ubisoft’s reimagined USA? Well, there’s a new update coming to The Crew 2 and it’ll be bringing in Demolition Derby, a new PvP mode and much more.

The second free update for Ubi’s The Crew 2 will be coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC on December 5th 2018, bringing with it a whole ton of mayhem.

The headline act here is that of the inclusion of a new Demolition Derby discipline, leaving competitors to try to earn a top-three spot by getting the highest score in a limited amount of time. In order for this to come about, two brand new arenas have been built to house the destruction – The Bonneville Salt Flat where players will earn points by crushing their opponents’ cars while avoiding obstacles like being smashed by an elevator, a spring-loaded boxing glove or other cars, and a new circuit built in the heart of the Tucson aircraft cemetery, letting you push opponents off of the track for even more devastation.

But in addition to the rather exciting Demolition Derby discipline, the free update also brings the highly anticipated PvP mode to The Crew 2. With things kicking off at the Rookie level, up to eight players can compete against each other in a variety of disciplines, such as Street Racing and Motocross, in a constantly renewed selection of events. This will allow those who are keen to shift the competition into top gear able to enter in the in-game PvP leagues for higher stakes and rewards.

The update will also see 4 new demolition derby cars included in the update and, for the first time in The Crew 2, these will be completely destructible.

But that’s not all and come Dec 5th, we will also see the inclusion of even more high-octane contests, including exclusive Drift, Alpha Grand Prix and Rally Cross challenges as well as additional skills and in-game activities. And don’t forget, as part of The Crew 2’s monthly vehicle drop, the Audi RS3 LMS – 2017 and the Aeroboat – VS12 – 2018 are now available for all players to access.

This Demolition Derby update looks set to breathe new life into The Crew 2 and with the development team at Ubisoft committed to regular new content, it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping there.

If you haven’t yet played the game, do yourself a favour and check out our full review. Once you have, we reckon the adrenaline hit that The Crew 2 brings will be something you can’t ignore.

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