Anyone who has ever picked up a plastic instrument or tried their hand at a music game will know that the entire experience is governed by the songs that are available. Thankfully, the constant additions to the Rock Band 4 library have ensured that the game has steadily been able to keep attracting the players in with new content on a weekly basis. Today we see that extra content increase again with not just two new tunes, but the ability to purchase the latest Spotlight Pass too.

Coming in with a price tag of just £1.59 each are two new cracking tunes to the Rock Band library, with the following now purchasable…

  • Maroon 5 – Girls Like You
  • Imagine Dragons – Natural

Now obviously those out there who are fans of either Maroon 5 or Imagine Dragons will be instantly drawn to the inclusion of these tunes in to the Rock Band 4 library, but similarly, the quality of the tune is there for even non-believers to be tempted.

Whatever type of music you like though, both of these tunes, and a whole ton more, can be grabbed on Xbox One and PS4 from the usual digital stores right now.

Additionally though we also see the arrival of the Season 9 Spotlight Pass for Rock Band 4. If you think of yourself as a budding musician or are a regular band member who likes to treat themselves to some new music every now and then, then the Season 9 Spotlight Pass is a no-brainer. See, for £11.99 it’ll give you full access to whichever new songs are featured as a Spotlight tune in the Rival’s Mode challenge. That means you’ll be guaranteed 11 new tunes in your library before mid-January 2019.

Of course, whether you are interested in the Spotlight Pass or just want to get involved with the new Maroon 5 and Imagine Dragons tunes, you’ll need a copy of Rock Band to hand. You can pick that up right now on Xbox One and PS4.


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