Poker is, hands down, one of the biggest casino games of all time. It has millions of fans around the world and has entered global pop culture too. While you can play it in Vegas casinos if you have the cash to splash, many users are satisfied to play the game socially. Nothing beats a game of poker between friends on a Friday night after a hard week of work.

Well, if you want to show off in front of your friends and get better at poker, Prominence Poker for Xbox is a great idea.

Triple-A Poker

Released in 2016 by Pipeworks Studio for the Xbox One, Prominence Poker is a brilliant execution of one of the most popular casino games. Based on Texas Hold’em, Prominence Poker is an exciting journey through different tablets that lets you test your skills and hone them. You can choose one of many modes. From solo matches to AI-controlled opponents, Prominence Poker is a great way to try ranked and unranked modes. 

While in the game, you use a selection wheel optimized for Xbox controllers to play the game, adjust your bets, etc. The same wheel shows the other players when you’re looking at your cards, in that way adding a bit of reality to the game. One of the things players don’t like is the full avatar animation when switching between your choices or betting. It can’t be cancelled, and to be honest, it can be pretty annoying. It adds an unnecessary delay to the game which players don’t love.

One of the coolest features Prominence Poker has are the emotes. While unnecessary, we applaud the developer’s decision to give players the opportunity to wave to another player or do a throat slice with your finger to scare other players. It’s pretty cool.

If you choose solo mode, wandering through the underground shady locations has never been more fun. It adds a sense of accomplishment too, as you take down bad boys and take a step closer to the boss. You will encounter four crews along the way, each one more difficult than the previous. Of course, the game is free to play, so you won’t leave the tables penniless if you fail to defeat your opponents. Well, you will lose the game, but no real money.

Win Tournaments, Earn Respect

If you choose to play against others, the multiplayer mode has competitive tournaments with buy-ins at tables of six. Topping the charts pays out and puts you higher on the rankings. The higher you rank, the better head-to-head matches you’ll enjoy. The multi-tier ranking system will put you against players of similar stature. Winning these tournaments will help you progress higher.

At the end of each season, you may also get your hands-on achievements and special items if you’re high in the rankings. An unranked multiplayer mode is also available where you can buy your option to enter ring games. If you’re a seasoned poker fan, you can clean up these tables in no time.

Overall, we loved our time spent with Prominence Poker. The solo mode is fun and there’s plenty of competition for seasoned players. If you want to hone up your poker skills, it’s the perfect game to play.