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Sometimes a deep, narrative-driven experience isn’t what you’re after from your next gaming purchase and that’s fine, because GROOD just wants you to rock out and have a blast while annihilating robots. Could this no-nonsense shoot ‘em up for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch be the game you need right now?

As a fast-paced, side-scrolling shoot ‘em up, GROOD certainly edges towards the toughest of its kind by taking the old school arcade gameplay approach. The idea is to pilot a ship that’s a truly powerful, killing machine – called GROOD – in order to decimate the many robotic enemies and bosses in your path. These damned machines aren’t pushovers though, with them giving as good as they get by firing bullets, missiles and lasers your way. It’ll require good aim, clever movement and tactical thinking to overcome the masses and succeed.

GROOD will be hellish as there’s no rest on your mission, with day turning to night and the surroundings changing from woodlands to deserts while you’re still blasting the robots to smithereens. At least there’s an adrenaline pumping heavy metal soundtrack to keep you going full steam ahead. 

Important features of GROOD:

  • Frenetic flying and shooting action
  • Classic arcade gameplay with modern graphics…
  • …or retro visuals with a special “90’s love” option
  • Global ranking leaderboards
  • 3 difficulty modes: HARD, HARD and HARD
  • Dynamic weather for more diversity and replayability
  • Day/night cycle. No rest, fight from dawn to dusk and through the night
  • Multiple final bosses and weapons
  • Hardcore Metal Soundtrack

As you might have guessed, GROOD is not for the fainthearted, but if you’re up to the task it’s available on the Xbox Store for a mere £4.19 – you can find it on the PS Store and the Nintendo eShop too. We are GROOD, how about you? Let us know in the comments section!

Game Description:

Your mission: annihilate an army of robotic enemies and bosses, all of them furiously blasting bullets, missiles and lasers your way. Your ship: a powerful vehicle you created, called GROOD. It’s now time to pilot this killing machine! Travel through woods, swamps, cities, frozen lands, deserts, and more to seek and destroy strange mechanical foes. There’s no time to rest and the sun will set before the battle is over: be ready to fight nights and days and under different weather conditions: rain, snow, strong winds…It will get hardcore and the Heavy Metal soundtrack will keep you alert and adrenaline-rushed. GROOD blends a classic shoot’em up arcade gameplay with modern graphics. The vibrant effects of explosions, smoke, fire and projectiles will fully immerse you in a hellish battle. If you prefer to keep it old-school though, just switch on the “90’s love” option to get pixelated retro visuals. You won’t only need skill to succeed but also some tactical thinking. Be smart with both your aim and positioning to get rid of the most dangerous opponents first and to avoid being surrounded. Compete with your friends and other warriors around the world for the best ranking in global leaderboards!

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