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It has to be said that PUBG is a game that has gone from strength to strength, and after initially struggling its way through Game Preview moments, the full launch has seen it emerge into a powerhouse of a Battle Royale title. Today we see Season 7 come to Xbox One and PS4, signalling a return of a newly revamped Vikendi alongside multiple other fixes and enhancements. Oh, and it also means us console players can get involved with the purchase of a new Supply Pack and DLC opportunities.

Season 7 of PUBG on Xbox One and PS4 mostly focuses on the return of Vikendi, a map which has been on hiatus over recent months. Transformed from the last time we saw it, there have been adjustments to the terrain and levels of snow, a brand new railway system which will help in navigation of the island, and the full transformation of the iconic Dino Park into Dinoland – the Prehistoric Park of the Future. 

Whilst Dinoland is unlikely to give the brilliant Jurassic World Evolution a run for its money, for those dropping into PUBG, it’s sure to allow for fun times, with hidden sniper spots, close quarters combat opportunities and a ton more no doubt present. 

Further to that though and the PUBG team has obviously been kept busy with multiple other enhancements too. Not only are new Daily, Weekly, Season, Progression and Challenge missions all now in place, but the towns of Tovar and Movatra have been pretty much razed to the ground, Volnova can now provide much more cover, a new Cargo Depot has found a home and Abbey has been relocated to Mount Kreznik. Yep, it’s still Vikendi, but not as you previously knew it.

pubg season 7 dinoland

Keeping the dino theme going and this is where we see the Cold Front Pack come to the fore. Priced at £12.49 it gives Xbox One and PS4 players the chance to dress for the occasion, kitting themselves out in a Dinoland Hat, apron and pleated skirt with leggings. Throw in some Crimson fade boots, and 5 levels of additional survivor pass action, and it’s a big old sell to PUBG fans. 

Sitting pretty alongside that is the Season 7 Supply Pack for PUBG too. This costs just £8.39 but drops no less than 1600 G-Coin the way of the buyer, along with some Reindeer themed games leggings, a comfy sweater and a lovely cap. It’ll certainly keep those traipsing through the snow warm and toasty. 

Multiple game fixes, audio enhancements, changes to weapon mastery and updated UI elements are also delivered with the arrival of Season 7 of PUBG, and so anyone who has found pleasure in what the game has delivered over the last few seasons – Season 5 and Season 6 have really seen things move on – will no doubt be gagging to get back into the swing of thigns here.  We’ll no doubt be dropping you some thoughts of our own once we’ve paid a visit to the new and improved Vikendi – keep an eye out for it in the weeks ahead. 

Will you be joining us for more PUBG? Or has Call of Duty Warzone stolen your Battle Royale life? Let us know down below.

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