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There is just something about driving miniature cars around oversized environments that will never, ever get old. A trend started by Micro Machines – and then ruined by Micro Machines World Series – there has been a gap in the market ever since. Tinker Racers has tried to fill it but isn’t quite there. Can Mini Madness, available today on Xbox fill in the hole?

Inspired by the aforementioned Micro Machines and Re-volt, Mini Madness is an arcade racing game with an emphasis on small vehicles. The tracks are all designed around a family home and their garden, and you have a round 20 different tracks to choose from.

Driving your cars around these tracks can only get you so far though. Perform flips and tricks to increase your afterburner bar and give yourself the edge over the competition. If you are still struggling, the shortcuts and weapon pickups should help turn the tide in your favour.

It isn’t just racing you can take part in. Up to three friends locally can join in the mayhem with six minigames to play including table football and pool. Players can also customise their cars to give themselves the aesthetic advantage because, as we all know, better looking cars just drive faster. It’s fact.

Mini Madness is available to download now priced at £8.39 on the Xbox Store. Those who are quick off the starting line can get a small discount, reducing the price to £6.71 for a limited time. We will have a review coming soon however if you are waiting before you part with your cash. Look out for it coming real soon.

Game description

Mini Madness is an arcade racing game inspired by such titles as Re-Volt or Micro Machines. Players are racing on crazy, expanded vertically tracks placed in a single-family house and in its large garden, by taking control over miniature remote cars. Driving mechanics are focused on managing your car’s afterburner. Perform flips in mid air to fill your afterburner meter, which will ensure dynamic driving. While you progress through the game, you will be able to upgrade the afterburner meter and its charge speed, speed of flips, brakes and many more. There are many ways to drive through tracks like for eg. utilizing available shortcuts. You are only limited by control points which should be scored in specific order. You can drive on walls and ceilings thanks to special gravity panels and appropriate engine upgrades. Each track location has interactable objects that can be activated by a special transmitter. It can be a shortcut on an extendable bridge or activation of a toy robot, which will shoot a volley of projectiles on your opponents, or a fan that will make driving harder or…

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