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The American Dream isn’t for everyone, but what do you do if you aren’t happy with where you live? You could up sticks and leave, but that isn’t really possible when a secret agency are monitoring your every move. You’d maybe think you had no option but to put up and shut up, but there is one final option. Build an underground bunker and go off the grid. And you can find out exactly how to do this in Mr. Prepper, available today on Xbox.

There is a whiff of nuclear war in the air, your freedom comes at a cost and you can just sense something is wrong. It is best to keep your head down and act normal. Not Mr. Prepper though. With a name like that, you want to make sure you are fully prepared.

But in Mr. Prepper, there are prying eyes on you at all times, so any preparations need to be done away from the gaze of those in power. This underground base builder is heavily inspired by the likes of Fallout Shelter and other base building simulation games. The nuclear bombs haven’t quite dropped yet, but there are still plenty of things to see and do:

  • Build an underground shelter;
  • Craft machines and facilities that can keep you alive: farms, greenhouses, tools, vehicles, etc.;
  • Trade with neighbors, give them what they need, get what is useful to you;
  • Explore atmospheric locations ad scavenge materials and items you could use;
  • Make a plan – something radical needs to be done;
  • Meet other rebellious characters, complete quests for them and help each other in the opposition to the regime;
  • Outsmart the secret police – they don’t want you to be prepared, they want you to stay controlled.

Mr. Prepper is available to download now on the Xbox Store priced at £12.99. Quick bunker builders can get a discount down to £11.04 if you purchase the game quickly. If building amazing bunkers that would amaze even George Clarke, the Mr. Prepper will be right up your street. Or underneath it, whichever is the right terminology. Anyways, stay tune for a review coming soon!

Game description:

Mr. Prepper is about being prepared. You know something is wrong. The risk of a nuclear war is in the air and you need to get ready for what’s coming. Struggle for your freedom and deal with the authoritarian government in this survival crafting game.

Mr. Prepper is a guy living in a country which once had been the land of the free, but its new government has changed everything. Obey, stay in your lane, and love the President – otherwise, the secretive and all-powerful Agency will take interest in you. Mr. Prepper has decided to defy this and get out of this delusion of life. The only way for him to hide his plans and doings is to build an underground shelter and construct a machine that will help him get out. But for that, he will need materials, time, and secrety. Help him succeed and break the status quo. – Craft – Trade – Explore and scavenge – Complete quests – Survive – Defy the government

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