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I’m not sure why DOOM Eternal has released Series Six and Series Seven cosmetic packs before Series Five. However, if you have been waiting for this one in particular, then the wait is over. The DOOM Eternal: Series Five Cosmetic Pack is available to download now for Xbox, PlayStation and PC.

Entitled ‘Viva Las Vega’ you can immediately see there is a Las Vegas spin on these new cosmetic items. New at least if you missed them during Event Five in DOOM Eternal. If you’ve already bagged them all, there is nothing new to see here.

Included in this cosmetic pack is:

  • “King” Mancubus Master Collection
  • “The King” Mancubus Skin
  • Red Pinwheel Skin Variant
  • “Thunderbird” Skin Variant
  • “Black Conquistador” Skin Variant
  • Upgradeble “The Strip” Podium
  • New Mancubus podium animations
  • “Galaxy Sprinkles” Slayer Skin
  • “Frost” Marauder Skin
  • “Tiger” Pain Elemental Skin
  • “Mecha Anime” Ballista Skin
  • “Big Friendly Gun” BFG Skin
  • “T.C.B.” Icon
  • “Ace of Spades” Icon
  • “Memphis Microphone” Nameplate
  • “All In” Nameplate
  • “All Kings” Nameplate

The headliner is obviously “The King” Mancubus Skin. Sporting a quiff, sunglasses and a white leather outfit, it is quite obvious who is being riffed on here. Hint: It’s Elvis Presley.

The Elvis theme continues throughout the cosmetic pack with the Memphis Microphone nameplate and podium animations. And Elvis goes hand-in-hand with Las Vegas so compliments the rest of the items perfectly.

New nameplates such as All In and All Kings are quintessentially Las Vegas, as is new The Strip podium. It is garish, gaudy and above all, perfect for the setting.

Also included are new skins for the Slayer, Marauder and Pain Elemental, along with some bright purple skins for the Ballista and BFG weapons. At this point it is fair to say that DLC for DOOM Eternal has jumped the shark, but it is so much more fun for doing so too.

If you missed the opportunity to unlock these cosmetic items through normal gameplay, the DOOM Eternal: Series Five Cosmetic Pack will set you back £7.39 on the Xbox Store. These cosmetics will work across the campaign, BATTLEMODE and Photo mode so you can show them off wherever you do your demon killing. Just remember that even though the Mancubus is dressed like Elvis, it will still want to rip and tear you into a thousand pieces.

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