DOOM Eternal Series Six DLC Xbox

The DOOM series doesn’t necessarily need an excuse to embrace its scarier side, just ask DOOM 3. But with Halloween fast approaching, players that missed out on last years Series Six event can now download these Halloween themed cosmetics for use in DOOM Eternal.

This latest DLC features over 12 cosmetic character and weapon skins, animations, nameplates and more. Originally available to unlock during last Halloweens Event Six, this new DLC pack is arriving just in time for this Halloween.

Included is the Cultist Marauder Master Collection. This includes a new skin for the dreaded Marauder, the ‘Mechrauder’ and ‘Industrious Devil’ skin variant, an upgradeable podium called ‘Death’s Entrance’ and new Marauder podium animations.

To quote a ‘Scary Movie’, “But wait, there’s more!” as you also unlock a wide range of various other items as well. There is a new skin for the Slayer which is called Funny Bone and applies a skeleton decal to their suit. Enemies also get some love in the form of spider themed skins: Black Widow for the Mancubus – complete with tell tale red marking on their belly – and the Webenant for the Revenant.

If that wasn’t enough for you then you also get two new weapon skins: The Diabolic Super Shotgun skin and the Illuminaćion Rocket Launcher.

There are then also three new nameplates and eight new icons that embrace the Halloween theme too. Featuring the likes of pumpkins, werewolves, witches and more, if you’re a fan of DOOM Eternal and spooky season this DLC is an essential purchase. I imagine a venn diagram of DOOM Eternal fans and Halloween lovers would just in fact show one whole circle.

The DOOM Eternal: Series Six Cosmetic Pack is available to download now from the Xbox Store, priced at £7.39. And don’t forget, now that DOOM is technically a Microsoft IP, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can get a 10% discount on the DLC, reducing it down to £6.65. Way cheaper than an actual Halloween outfit!

Speaking of, if anyone has got any last-minute inspiration for what I can wear this Halloween, let us know in the comments below!

DLC Description

Missed out on DOOM Eternal’s Event Six – Halloween 2020? Grab over 12 cosmetic items, including all the character and weapon skins, custom animations, and player icons and nameplates. Fight the hordes of Hell in style in DOOM Eternal’s epic campaign and BATTLEMODE, or show off your player and weapons skins in the campaign’s Photo Mode. *This content requires the base game DOOM Eternal to play.

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