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We love a good Artifex Mundi game. With most of those firmly entrenched in the Hidden Object scene, spending hours, days and weeks with a Where’s Wally styled hunt ’em up is extremely joyful. There are a ton of them to consider too and today that list has grown with the arrival of Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light. 

Available to purchase and download on console right now – read: Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch – Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light will see you joining the life of Lila, a young girl who is set on saving her Aunt, Dawn. You see, Dawn has been captured by some evil spirit, and so a rescue mission fast unfolds…

Taking us to an ancient Egyptian temple, Lila’s adventure will have you traversing the Egyptian lands, looking in chests, reading engraved pieces of stone and uncovering all manner of horrid secret. It’s the Demon Hunter which is the focus here – and when they die, mankind dies. 

If you’ve ever played an Artifex Mundi title previously, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this one. If you haven’t, then well, where the hell have you been for the last few years!

You’ll gain access by heading to the digital store of your choice (Xbox Store link handily placed right here!), with Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light playable on Xbox One, fully optimised for Xbox Series X|S, on PS4 and PS5 as well as Nintendo Switch. If you’re up for meeting the gods of Ancient Egypt, are ready to fight back a ton of demons and wish to solve the Riddles of Light, there is no better time. 

Keep an eye out for a full review of Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light on Xbox Series X|S from us real soon. We’ll let you know whether you need to play Demon Hunter: Revelations first or not too!

Game Description:

The renowned Demon Hunter once again confronts the powers of darkness. But this time things have taken a different turn: Dawn Ashmoore has been captured by an evil spirit, one that has awoken in the ruins of an ancient Egyptian temple. Only one person can save Dawn – her niece, Lila. The girl sets out to rescue her aunt without a second’s hesitation. As the rescue mission proceeds, it becomes clear that her involvement in these extraordinary events is no coincidence. Lila’s journey will take her through the mysterious ruins of ancient Egypt, still ruled by the gods of old. Their stories – locked inside chests and engraved in stone – will allow her to uncover a horrifying secret – Dawn has been captured by Seth himself. He’s the most dangerous of all the gods, and nobody can stop him from destroying the world. When the last Demon Hunter dies, all hope for mankind will be lost. What mysteries will Lila bring to light? How is she going to defeat the evil forces? Enter the world of Egyptian gods in this new Demon Hunter adventure.

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