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Having just released on PC through Steam and Nintendo Switch, it’s now time for Xbox players to manipulate time, rebooting as they see fit with the launch of OAOA – Off And On Again. 

Available to purchase and download right now as the latest puzzler to hit Xbox, accompanying launches on PC and Nintendo Switch in recent days, OAOA – Off And On Again sees you placed into the boots of the hero of the hour; a lone guy tasked with rebooting time. 

You see, in OAOA the golden age of technology failed to last, and as knowledge became corrupt, the truth became harder to find. But as turmoil unfolded, the most silent of invaders sat patiently, waiting for the prime time to attack, switching off the world itself. 

It’s here where you were left as the sole hero, capable of rebooting time to before the corruption ever began. In order to do this you’ll find yourself working your way through a host of engaging puzzles – puzzles full of lasers – switching on and off elements as you go. You’ll need to utilise the power of the brain in order to find success, along with the skills of the hand as reflexes come to the fore. 

For the £9.99 asking price, there’s something about OAOA – Off And On Again from Ginger Biscuit Games/subSilico that just appeals. If you agree, then you’ll find that the Xbox Store will happily be able to provide the required download you need. Alternatively, consider picking up OAOA from Steam for PC, or on Nintendo Switch

And if you want a review, sit back and hold tight – our thoughts surrounding how OAOA – Off And On Again plays out on Xbox will be with you soon. 

Game Description:

With the dawn of the internet the digital universe experienced exponential growth. The citizens basked in their new wealth and power, with access to previously unimaginable knowledge. For a while it seemed as if anything was possible. This golden age did not last. Knowledge became corrupt, much of it was lies dressed up as truth. Fear, paranoia and hate infected the world with Programs becoming jealous of the resources allocated to others. Throughout this turmoil the real threat went by unseen. A silent invader watched and waited, planning it’s attack. The war that followed was brief and devastating. Now there is but one hope. A hero must reboot the system, to turn it “”Off And On Again”” resetting time to before the corruption ever began. Are you that Hero?”” Off And On Again tells the story of a hero tasked with rebooting time. The game world is created and destroyed during play, with the hero having the ability to turn parts of the world off and on again. You will be required to use both brains and skill to overcome the enemies and obstacles in your path.

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