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Relax and just build with Match Village

Match Village keyart
Match Village builds on Xbox, PlayStation and Switch

Start a tranquil journey of creativity and strategy with Match Village, a minimalist puzzle and strategy game that invites players to build vibrant villages on colourful islands. 

Set aside the complexities of resource management and warfare as you immerse yourself in a world where the only focus is on building and expanding your idyllic settlements. Match Village is inspired by games like Islanders, Dorfromantik and Candy Crush Saga.

Match and build

In Match Village on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, the objective is simple yet engaging. 

Using a game board made up of interlocking hexagons, players choose where to place buildings in order to match them and build up villages and cities across a variety of captivating islands, from tropical paradises to snow-capped peaks.

With its soothing visuals and ambient soundtrack, Match Village offers a peaceful escape from the stresses of everyday life. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzle enthusiast or a casual gamer looking for a moment of calm, Match Village provides the perfect retreat.

Key features of Match Village

  • Different and intuitive gameplay.
  • Randomly generated islands.
  • A minimalist and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Just build, don’t worry about armies or resource management.
  • Great to play once in a while, discover new islands, buildings and beat your high score.

Experience Match village on Xbox

Match village has arrived on Xbox today, having previously released onto PC Steam in October 2022, where it’s been gathering positive reviews. 

The Xbox version costs just £4.19 and is available from the Xbox Store. It is also on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. 

Game description

Match Village is a minimalistic puzzle and strategy experience about combining buildings to build villages on beautiful, procedurally generated islands. 

Combine buildings to create your villages and cities on endless islands scattered around the world and enjoy a minimalistic and relaxing atmosphere, no resource management or armies, just focus on building.

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