plague road xbox one

Ready to check out a city that has been overcome with disease? Can you find it within yourself to rescue survivors, battle monsters and explore a once great city? Plague Road is here and it’ll task you with doing all that and more.

Available right now on Xbox One, Plague Road tells the tale of a doctor who has recently returned to a city that has been totally consumed by disease. With the safe haven of a farm acting as the initial base, it’ll be up to you to help this doctor travel through Plague Road, helping others less fortunate and utilising survivors to improve the farmstead as a whole.

With plenty of horrors in the way, the trip down the procedurally generated Plague Road won’t be an easy one and so you’ll have to take all the help you can get, assigning jobs, fighting plague-infected monsters and partaking in turn based strategic fights, as you go.

This is most certainly a rather dark, rather fantastical experience and so if you are in the market for a game that will let you explore, fight and rescue, all whilst being wrapped up by an over-arcing narrative, then Plague Road is for you. With the tale told delightful by Jim Sterling, the music coming from the award winning Sean Beeson and a rich 2D art style, it certainly looks an appealing prospect.

In order to get involved with the game, you’ll need to pay the Xbox Store a little visit, and then drop the £16.74 cash required for your download to get moving.

Will you be giving it a little look? Let us know in the comments below.

Game Description:

Set around a city being consumed from within by a disease, Plague Road tells a story of a lone doctor who once abandoned their home and now returns to learn the fate of those they left behind. Travel from the safe refuge of your farm through a series of regions progressively more affected by the infernal plague. On the road, rescue survivors and choose whether to use them as traveling companions or to improve the Doctor’s farm and gain access to new abilities. How your farm progresses depends upon where you assign survivors to work. Some survivor types are more valuable in certain jobs, but may be more useful still if kept available for expeditions. Surviving the road will rely on your ability to fight horrors created by the plague, in combat encounters featuring grid-based positioning and turn-based strategy mechanics. Traverse four regions with procedurally generated stages, featuring richly illustrated 2D art, music from award-winning composer Sean Beeson and narration performed by Jim Sterling.


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