Tentative. This is the word that best describes the first forays into gaming space that Microsoft and Sony did with their next-generation consoles, to name Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Because of the scarcity of these new platforms, hoarders began buying them out so quickly that ordinary folk barely had time to respond, leaving many of us to hope that we can at least snag a console before long. 

However, supplies were running short because both companies chose to be a little more careful with how many games they put out there, which was ultimately determined whether you could find a consoler or not really. People looked for many recreational options in the absence of Xbox Series X, and online casinos were certainly those.

People started looking for casinos that accept PayPal as a payment method because of how flexible these gaming websites are and how easy it is to deposit and withdraw. In many ways, online casinos rival the quality of Xbox Series X games, especially if you truly enjoy similar games. 

Never mind this, though. The restocking has begun again, giving hopes to those late to the party that the Xbox Series X party that would be able to snatch a great console and enjoy the summer or possibly fall and winter months playing on one.

The Mystery of Xbox Series X Disappearing So Quickly

It’s really no mystery. Some more entrepreneurial shoppers have decided to buy them out and then resell them with a slight upmarket, leaving not much of an option to those who haven’t been able to buy from some of the traditional shops, such as Amazon, Microsoft, Walmart, Best Buy, John Lewis, or the other available retailers across the United States, the UK or anywhere else in the world.

The good news is that Xbox Series X is definitely coming back, but they will probably start disappearing. Microsoft hasn’t been too enthusiastic with its new platform, and in fact, creating a console that is always in a bit of shortage has driven hype so much more than having some spare ones that never go on sale.

The chip crisis due to the pandemic has actually led to a much more frugal approach which, granted to us gamers, doesn’t really sound enjoyable, but it’s the best strategy an environmentally-minded company can choose.

So, what drives the quick disappearance of Xbox Series X? It’s a combination of factors, but mostly high demand, a slightly smaller supply, and some logistical issues. The good news is that Microsoft is working through these quickly, and even if you end up waiting a little longer, hoarders won’t be able to hog the market forever.

Should You Buy Now from Resellers?

Of course, for those of you eager to play, there is an option – resellers. However, you ought to understand that resellers are grossly inflating the price. A simple Xbox Series X may cost you over $900, which is way too expensive.

In some markets where consoles aren’t as readily available or popular, resellers would go even higher, hoping to score a bigger profit on their re-sales. 

Our recommendation is to avoid caving in as you will be out of money that you could have otherwise spent on either the rival platform – PlayStation 5, Xbox subscription, or simply buy physical games. There are many reasons why you should try and be a little frugal at times like these.

The main one is that Xbox Series X and S will be back in stock before long, so you leave resellers to enjoy their dozens of platforms.