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You shouldn’t ever expect too much from a game that is only setting you back £4.19 in cash terms. Thankfully Dr. Atominus doesn’t even attempt to come delivering any stupidly long-winded promises either. This is a short platformer which combines metroidvania elements with a sci-fi story. Nothing more, nothing less.

Available to purchase and download right now from the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, Dr. Atominus is the latest cheap offering to come out of the Xitilon team – they recently behind Butterfly, Synchro Hedgehogs, Escape Sequence and more. 

It promises just a couple of things – to give you the chance to unveil the secrets of the 4th dimension, and to prove to your cruel master that being nice could actually be a viable way of life. Knitting in a cool sci-fi narrative with some metroidvania styled elements just helped confirm what gamers are after. 

A simple affair, albeit one that comes with three different endings, Dr. Atominus will have you jumping, stomping, swimming, shooting your way to new abilities; abilities that you will need to make the most of should you wish to succeed in your quest of turning the five bosses which are in place. 

Do so, and well, you’ll have proven yourself as the finest Dr. Atominus there has ever been. Fail, and you’ll be left to try and try again. 

Our full review of Dr. Atominus on Xbox is in the works and will be with you very shortly. If you wish to take a punt though, get over to the Xbox Store and nail that download. Let us know what you think once you’ve spent some time with it.

Game Description:

Dr. Atominus is a short platformer with metroidvania elements and a cool sci-fi story. Unveil the secrets of 4th dimention. Run from your cruel master…or is there a way to make peace?

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