We don’t think there’s a better version of chess currently available on the Xbox One than Chess Ultra, but there’s now a way to enhance that experience if you’re willing to spend a little cash. Off to the Pantheon we go!

The Pantheon Game Pack first piece of DLC for Ripstone’s Chess Ultra and includes a brand new environment as well as an exclusive chess set – which can be used in various combinations with existing base sets. It provides a touch of ancient history to proceedings with an environment that’s an exquisitely detailed model of the former temple in Rome, the Pantheon. In regards to the chess set, it’s a hand crafted set of bronze cast Roman chessmen and a stone checkerboard, where gladiators and centurions stand side-by-side with scholars and even Julius Caesar on the strategic battlefield.

Those wanting to add a bit of the Roman era vibe to spruce up their chess playing antics in Chess Ultra can grab the Pantheon Game Pack on the Xbox Games Store for £4.79. But at almost half the price of the full game, do you think it’s worth picking up? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments, via social media, or in the forums.

DLC Description:

This pack features a Roman temple where Imperial Roman soldiers clash on a stone checkerboard. Chess is a battle, and what better chess pieces to do battle with than the Imperial Roman army! Set in a truly epic Roman temple, the bronze cast chess pieces are equally heroic. Gladiators and centurions stand shoulder-to-shoulder with scholars, and even Julius Caesar himself! This game pack perfectly suits a closely fought battle of wits!

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