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Originally appearing just before Christmas (and then subsequently being pulled again), RISK is now available once more on Xbox One.

The digital only download is now appearing on the Xbox One Games Store and can be picked up for a penny short of twelve English pounds…that’s £11.99 to you and me. Bringing a single player and multiplayer strategic  experience, fans of the game will be able to get involved with Xbox Live Leagues as they deploy tanks, planes and infantry across the battlefield.

Game Description:

Modern combat meets RISK – the classic game of global domination. RISK steps into the near future with modern armies. Using the 2010 rules as standard, Risk offers an exciting strategic experience. Direct the war from your high-tech control room, fighting on the classic map layout on 3D; Deploy tanks, planes and infantry… All in the modern warfare twist on the classic game of global domination! Xbox Live league play allows you to compete with people from around the world.

Fire up the tank and get rolling over to the Xbox Games Store now. If previous experience is anything to go by, it might not be there very long!

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