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At first all we wanted to hear was that the stunning Rocket League would be making its way to Xbox One. Once that was confirmed, all we gave two hoots about was when it would be arriving. How does Feb 17th sound?

Phone up the boss and bunk off school, Rocket League is hitting Xbox One on Feb 17th 2016. One of the most acclaimed games of 2015 is nearly here and with Psyonix ensuring it is fully optimised for Xbox One, should be one hell of a ride.

Coming with all the same content, upgrades and features as that found in the PS4 and PC versions, the Xbox One edition of Rocket League will also come with new cars, antennas, wheels and rocket trails!

With a community of players already well north of 11 million, the arrival of Rocket League on Xbox One will just enhance those numbers.

We will of course remind you when it becomes available. Not long now!



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