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We’ve been on the Rogue Company train ever since we first heard of Hi-Rez Studios’ epic cross-platform team shooter many months ago. The hype was real from day one, it was built on when we had the opportunity to sit down and quiz the team behind it back in May, and then it reached epic proportions when the Founders Packs dropped in July. Now though it’s time for the main event – Rogue Company goes free-to-play, with full cross-play and cross-save support on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC, today!

If you’re looking to enjoy some manic third person action, get involved in a host of tactical opportunities and think nothing of a game that oozes attutide, then Rogue Company is going to be for you. Available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store, it is free to download, and free to play from today.

In celebration of that launch, the development team at First Watch Games have added in a new Rogue to the main foster of playable mercenaries. Dahlia is an uncompromising former military officer and one of the most decorated squad leaders in the world. She never hesitates to make difficult decisions on the battlefield and doesn’t care what people think of her – she just wants to get the job done.

Rogue Company is already the most successful launch title to come from the publishers at Hi-Rez Stuios with more then two million people flocking to the early access game since July. With numerous additions since those Founders Pack hit, including last week’s popular new Lockdown map- plus the regular updates on the roadmap, Rogue Company has a very bright future.

Headed-up by Lead Game Designer – and former Halo world champion – Scott Lussier, Rogue Company is the debut game from First Watch Games; a band of Hi-Rez Studios developers and industry veterans with experience working on some of gaming’s most famous and successful shooters.

“From today, players will be able to play Rogue Company free-of-charge, regardless of platform”, says Lussier. “Whether playing on Switch, PC, PS4 or Xbox One, gamers will enjoy the same intense third-person action at a minimum 60 fps”.

“From July’s early access launch we’ve gathered a huge community of over 2 million cross-platform gunslingers”, says Chris Larson, Executive Producer. “Their invaluable feedback has ensured the game keeps getting better and better. By making the game free and delivering an ever-growing roster of mercenaries, game modes, weapons and gadgets we’re incredibly excited for many more players to join us in Rogue Company”.

We’ll have our full review of Rogue Company on Xbox One up and live before you know it. In the meantime, if you wish to get in on the action for yourself then head to the usual digital stores – Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch or PC

And let us know what you think once you have spent time with Rogue Company. Is the F2P model the one that works here? We’d love to hear from you.

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