mokoko x launch

Where do we start with Mokoko X? Well, the best place would be to announce that it is available today for purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Job. Done. 

You need more? We’ll admit we’re not exactly the target audience for Mokoko X, but we’ll give it a go regardless. 

Available from the Xbox Store, Mokoko X comes about via inspiration of the arcade games which frequented the lands back in the 1980s and 1990s. Some decades ago, this was apparently all the rage – we don’t know, we were too busy playing Stunt Car Racer – and now, in this modern era of gaming, it’s all the rage again. 

Mokoko X will have you attempting to save a bunch of innocent girls from the danger they are in, done by uncovering portions of the screen to help the young lasses out. Take control of more of the playfield than the foes you are up against and a level will be conquered, girls will be saved and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you have what it takes to compete in the wider Mokoko X world. 

Thirty-two stages are in place and each of these have their own boss characters and minions. Mechnically though, levels will switch up ideas, requesting you to get to grips with multiple ideas as you go. 

The best way to sell Mokoko X on Xbox, Switch or PC is by pointing you towards the trailer that is found at the Xbox Store. Give it a watch and if you like what you see, drop some cash and grab a download. 

We may just be tempted in ourselves, if only so we can begin to understand the madness that Mokoko X brings. If we do, expect some review thoughts to follow. 

For now though, drop into the comments below and let us know what on earth we should expect…

Game Description:

Mokoko X was inspired from the arcade games from 1980s and 1990s, a popular gaming style back in the time. Mokoko X looks to resurrect the soul of the arcade genre while adding a modern touch. There are 32 levels in Mokoko X; each level has its own unique boss and minions. The main goal is assisting the unlucky girls that need help from the weird bosses. This is sometimes passing a mobile game level, sometimes helping out with the insects in the kitchen.

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