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For almost as long as puzzle video games have existed, developers have been testing our minds with bending light. The act of projecting a light source onto a target is a video game trope as old as the medium itself. And today we have another one as LIT: Bend the Light arrives today on Xbox.

With a steampunk aesthetic, LIT: Bend the Light is from an era before electricity. Brave inventors obviously need light to see whatever they are inventing but aren’t interested in simply moving the light source to where they need to see. They want to get creative. By using mirrors and reflective surfaces, can you help them get the light from the light source to the goal?

LIT: Bend the Light features open-ended solutions to each puzzle. There is more than one way to complete each puzzle, you have to find the method that is easiest for you.

With real-life light physics, the light will go where you intend it to. You could try and replicate it in real-life, providing you have plenty of glass spheres and mirrors hanging on various chains. We wouldn’t recommend rigging your house up this way, so your best bet is LIT: Bend the Light. Cheaper also.

Our review will be coming soon. Whilst you wait for that though, can we interest you in Archaica: The Path of Light? Light puzzle fanatics, here is another one right up your alley.

LIT: Bend the Light is available on the Xbox Store now priced at £6.69. Sitting on Steam with a ‘Very Positive’ where it has been since 2020, this puzzler may be the next great game to relax and unwind with. Let us know in the comments below if you fancy this one.

Game description

Set in an era when electricity wasn’t a thing and nothing but imaginations of great inventors that set the world in motion, LIT test your own inner engineer and lets you discover the joy of experimenting with light at first hand.

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