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It only seems like yesterday that we were chatting about the arrival of Season 12 into PUBG. But time flies when you’re having fun in the Battle Royale playground and today we begin to welcome Season 13 to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – and it comes with a host of new features and ideas. 

Previously having dropped onto PC, it’s time for PUBG players on Xbox and PlayStation to be given the chance to enjoy what is on offer. Season 13 is a pretty tasty one too, with the main focuses sitting in line with the new Ranked Season, tweaks to the Taego map – including the introduction of a Secret Room – further adjustments to the Sankhok map with additional cliffs and rocks bringing about further cover, and a little change in map rotation, with Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi and Karakin completing the circle. 

The key features of each of those elements are as follows…

  • New Ranked Season: Update 13.1 introduces a new ranked season, meaning all rewards earned during the Ranked Season 12 will be automatically added to players’ inventory once Season 13 goes live 4 on August. Ranked Season 13 will run for two months, similar to recent ranked seasons.
  • Taego Tweaks: In addition to the aforementioned Secret Room, Taego will see an increase in the number of Air Drops to ensure all players have a greater chance to acquire valuable loot. The map will also see the introduction of plane Emergency Landings at the start of some matches. When flying players over the map, there are times when the plane engine will explode and will be forced to make an emergency landing. If players decide to not jump before the plane lands, they will start the match with 50 percent HP.
  • Sanhok Updates: Despite a full remaster in 2020, the team at PUBG Studios continues improving Sankhok. With 13.1, the map will see the geography of the Northwest Island adjusted with small cliffs and rocks, providing cover for players moving across the shore. 
  • Map Rotation: With 13.1 Paramo will be replaced with Karakin in Normal Matches. The new map rotation for matches is the following:
    • Erangel
    • Miramar
    • Sanhok
    • Vikendi
    • Karakin

Throw in some new balancing to a variety of weapons, the addition of extra skins for others and the chance to throw down some spray, tagging buildings as you see fit, and PUBG continues to go from strength to strength. Especially as further performance and notification improvements are also in place. Admittedly, these additions may not be enough to drag in a whole bunch of new players – although we’ve been calling for some tag options for a while – it’ll certainly be enough to continue to build the player base. 

If you wish to join us on the PUBG battlefield – and we’ll definitely be making the jump soon – get yourself over to the Xbox or PlayStation Stores, download the game and enjoy the latest additions brought forth via PUBG Season 13 right now. 

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