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Previously found wobbling around as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Byterockers’ Games’ (they previously behind BeeFense BeeMastered) gooey remaster Gelly Break Deluxe has now released on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Taking what first launched on Switch in 2018, before remastering and adding in a ton of additional content, Gelly Break Deluxe sees us joining two adorable and rather squishy little gellies – Gel and Lee – as they work together to save a cartoon world that is under threat.

It’s the Evil Blob which threatens to run rule over this land and so it’s up to you to co-op up with your bestest bud before wiggling and jiggling your way past numerous obstacles and boss monsters. 

Played out in couch cooperative stylee, this family friendly platformer comes complete with no less than 16 hugely fun levels set across 6 different world types. These will take you from inside a volcano to high in the sky, with pretty much everything in-between, as Gelly Break Deluxe promises laughs a plenty nu matter who you are playing with. 

You should be aware that this is a game that relies on the three C’s – communication, coordination and cooperation – as only then will you ever find any form of success. But with non-linear paths and plenty of objectives to hunt down, no matter how many times you team up with Gel and Lee, you’ll continue to discover new challanges and stages. 

The breakdown of key features for this fun family friendly frolic include:

  • An exciting story about the rescue of the Gellies
  • Couch co-op platformer in a cute cartoon look
  • 16 unique levels in 6 carefully designed worlds
  • 6 challenging boss fights
  • Single-player campaign and local co-op mode for two players
  • Achievements
  • High replay value through alternative paths and changing teammates
  • Free update to Gelly Break Deluxe for owners of Gelly Break

You’ll find Gelly Break Deluxe present on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for £16.74. It’s also on PS5, PS4 and Windows PC, along with Nintendo Switch. And if you have previously purchased Gelly Break on that latter format prior, you’ll find that you get a lovely upgrade to the Deluxe version free of charge. 

Go give yourself a wobble and let us know in the comments how you get on with Gelly Break Deluxe. We’ll be sure to drop a review of the Xbox version as and when we can. 

Game Description:

“Gelly Break Deluxe” is a real passion project for us and the re-release of our fun first platformer “Gelly Break” developed for all ages. Three years after the initial release, we have fulfilled our dream, reclaimed the rights to the IP and are now publishing “Gelly Break Deluxe” as an indie developer and publisher on our own. “Gelly Break Deluxe” is nicer and bigger with a proper story and all the features and content we already wished for back then. Of course, we don’t want to make fans of the game pay again, so everyone who already owns the original version of “Gelly Break” will get the new game completely free of charge. In “Gelly Break Deluxe” you have to save the Gellies’ home planet from the evil Evil Blob as Gel and Lee. As a team, you have to use all your abilities to survive against the ever-changing enemy types, because the challenging jump’n’run passages can only be mastered together with your partner. The switching mechanics, precise coordination and timing are essential to master the unique boss fights, following the popular gameplay principle “easy to learn, hard to master”. After the time of “social distancing”, “Gelly Break Deluxe” is the perfect way to get back together with your loved ones. Whether with parents, kids or friends, “Gelly Break Deluxe” is the perfect couch co-op fun for players of all ages.

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