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Due to fire their way onto Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC in October 2021, NERF: Legends will give you the chance to become the ultimate NERF legend in this high octane FPS with online cross-platform multiplayer for up to eight players.

Available to pre-order now, NERF: Legends is a new first-person blasting game inspired by Hasbro’s iconic NERF toy line. It’ll give players the opportunity to gear up with a wide array of authentic NERF blasters, before battling it out in this action-packed experience featuring an exciting single-player campaign plus intense cross-platform online multiplayer action for up to eight players.

Created by a collaboration between Hasbro, GameMill Entertainment and Maximum Games, if you’re up for some fast-paced, high-energy first person shooting thrills that’s fun for all, NERF: Legends will be for you. Jump into a futuristic sci-fi world with a full array of iconic NERF blasters at your fingertips, and face off against legions of robots and their ultimate boss masters. Show off your skills with high-flying trick shots in single-player story action or compete with your friends in online multiplayer to become the ultimate NERF legend.

The key features of NERF: Legends will include:

  • Pull off amazing trick shots with 15 authentic NERF blasters from the Mega, Ultra and Elite lines, including new releases from 2021!
  • Intense single-player campaign featuring a variety of extreme enemies, boss battles and challenges across 19 out-of-this-world locations.
  • Supercharge your blasting with power-ups like magnetic pull darts, push darts, seeker darts, and slow darts to change the tide of battle.
  • Create your own custom character, and personalize your blasters with upgradeable perks and skins.
  • Test your might against real players in 4v4 team-based and eight-player free-for-all online multiplayer matches featuring cross-platform play across consoles.

We’ll be sure to let you know once NERF: Legends hits Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC. For now, shoot your eyes towards the trailer below.

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