Rock Band 4 players are in for a treat this week as a couple more tunes have arrived in the library. And if you like either Seether or Asking Alexandria then you should be very excited.

Available right now with £1.59 price tags attached are content additions from South African grungers Seether, and England’s finest metalheads, Asking Alexandria. They are:

  • Country Song – Seether
  • A Prophecy – Asking Alexandria

If you fancy getting the band back together for a weekend of jamming, or just want to download these tunes so you can rock out on a rainy day, then a digital store near you will sort you out. For us Xbox One rockers that means we need to pay the Microsoft Store a visit, whilst those on PS4 should head to the PlayStation Store.

With DLC additions having dropped on a near weekly basis since Harmonix revived Rock Band with the fourth entry, there are most definitely a whole ton of tunes to enjoy. Whether these latest tracks will be of interest will be down to the individual, but in my eyes, they are worth a little look.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think by posting in the comments below or on the usual social channels.

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