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Rugby and blood go hand-in-hand. But what if you then mix that with a Sensible Soccer styled arcade affair? Well, you get Sensible Blood Rugby – a game which has arrived on Xbox One and fully next-gen optimised for Xbox Series X|S. 

Yeah yeah, we get ya. We’re not sure where the next-gen X|S optimisation comes about for a game which on the face of it seems so simple, but we’re willing to run with it and let the BenjiSoft team highlight all that is good about their rugby title. 

And good is what we’ve most definitely got – at least should you like rugby and blood. 

Priced at £5.79, with a little launch discount holding place for the first week, Sensible Blood Rugby works as a proper little homage to the arcade classics from yesteryear. The name would certainly suggest a love for Sensible Soccer, and the style of play and visual look more than covers what we loved from that Hare and Yates creation. 

But this one is a rugby game, one in which the standard rugby rules are pretty much thrown out of the window. See, if you’re up for illegal tackles, multiple rucks and the chance to embrace an adaptation of rugby sevens, this is going to be for you. In fact, it could well be for you AND your mates as Sensible Blood Rugby caters for up to 4 players, spread across no less than 16 teams. 

What you do from there though is up to you. You could play rugby as it is intended, or you could just fight it out on the field, drawing blood at every occasion. 

We’ll be looking to spend some time with Sensible Blood Rugby in the near future, dropping a full review of how it plays out with those Xbox Series X|S optimised goodies in tow. If you wish to join us, head to the Xbox Store and pick up a copy of the game. 

Game Description:

An homage to classic arcade game from the 90s, adapted to the olympic sports of rugby sevens ! Experience Tackles, Rucks , Illegal Tackles Make your way to the score lines and score many tries! -Up to 4 players -16 Teams -International competitions ( 1/4 + 1/2 + final) The rules are the rules of rugby sevens.

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Cedrik Rousseau
10 days ago

I reckon this is a fairly fun piece of game.